Jupeng Ding

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—Indoor visible light communication (VLC) techniques are expected to utilize LED based infrastructure to provide data transmission and general illuminance. To ensure full coverage of a lighting area, multiple LED lamps must be employed. Each lamp consists of an array of LEDs. In typical VLC channel modeling, each array is usually treated as a single point(More)
—White light emitting diode (LED) is viewed as the new generation green solid state lighting (SSL) source by academia and industry based on its charming advantages, such as high brightness, low cost, steadily improved power efficiency and etc. Visible light communication based on white LED which aims to realize lighting and data transmission simultaneously(More)
Both slowly and rapidly fluctuating currents were observed after incorporating a heavy sarcoplasmic reticulum (HSR) vesicle or a purified ryanodine receptor (RyR) of rabbit skeletal muscle into a lipid bilayer. The responses to the cis side Ca2+, ruthenium red and ryanodine confirmed that both were the currents through one Ca2+ release channel. From the(More)
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