Juozas Gordevicius

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Temporal aggregation is a crucial operator in temporal databases and has been studied in various flavors, including instant temporal aggregation (ITA) and span temporal aggregation (STA), each having its strengths and weaknesses. In this paper we define a new temporal aggregation operator, called parsimonious temporal aggregation (PTA), which comprises two(More)
Epigenetic differences are a common feature of many diseases, including cancer, and disease-associated changes have even been detected in bodily fluids. DNA modification studies in circulating DNA (cirDNA) may lead to the development of specific non-invasive biomarkers. To test this hypothesis, we investigated cirDNA modifications in prostate cancer(More)
Adult stem cells have more restricted differentiation potential than embryonic stem cells (ESCs), but upon appropriate stimulation can differentiate into cells of different germ layers. Epigenetic factors, including DNA modifications, take a significant part in regulation of pluripotency and differentiation of ESCs. Less is known about the epigenetic(More)
The inability to digest lactose, due to lactase nonpersistence, is a common trait in adult mammals, except in certain human populations that exhibit lactase persistence. It is not known how the lactase gene is dramatically downregulated with age in most individuals but remains active in some individuals. We performed a comprehensive epigenetic study of(More)
Dynamic patterns of cytosine-5 methylation and successive hydroxylation are part of epigenetic regulation in eukaryotes, including humans, which contributes to normal phenotypic variation and disease risk. Here we present an approach for the mapping of unmodified regions of the genome, which we call the unmethylome. Our technique is based on DNA(More)
Temporal aggregation is a crucial operator in temporal databases and has been studied in various flavors. In instant temporal aggregation (ITA) the aggregate value at time instant t is computed from the tuples that hold at t. ITA considers the distribution of the input data and works at the smallest time granularity, but the result size depends on the input(More)
In the above-mentioned article we describe a novel approach to support multilingual verbalization of logical theories, axiomatizations, and other specifications such as business rules. This engineering solution is demonstrated with the Object Role Modeling language, although its underlying principles can be reused with other conceptual models and formal(More)
Modification of CG dinucleotides in DNA is part of epigenetic regulation of gene function in vertebrates and is associated with complex human disease. Bisulfite sequencing permits high-resolution analysis of cytosine modification in mammalian genomes; however, its utility is often limited due to substantial cost. Here, we describe an alternative epigenome(More)
In this paper we focus on the problem of ranking news stories within their historical context by exploiting their content similarity. We observe that news stories evolve and thus have to be ranked in a time and query dependent manner. We do this in two steps. First, the <i>mining</i> step discovers metastories, which constitute meaningful groups of similar(More)
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