Junzhuan Wang

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Stimulation of cerebellar interpositus nucleus and fastigial nucleus could influence the neuronal activity of lateral hypothalamic area in the cat, and some of the neurons which respond to the cerebellar stimulations are glucose-sensitive neurons. These results suggest that the cerebellum is involved not only in motor control, but also in the regulation of(More)
The hypothalamic functional MRI (fMRI) response in an animal model was studied following energy intake. Six fasted (12 h) Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were administered an intraperitoneal injection of glucose (0.72 grams/kg body weight), while a mid-sagittal slice through the hypothalamus was continuously imaged for 60 min using a conventional T2*-weighted(More)
The radial junction (RJ) architecture has proven beneficial for the design of a new generation of high performance thin film photovoltaics. We herein carry out a comprehensive modeling of the light in-coupling, propagation and absorption profile within RJ thin film cells based on an accurate set of material properties extracted from spectroscopic(More)
Split bull's eye (SBE) antennas exhibit much larger extraordinary optical transmission and strong polarization dependence rather than bull's eye (BE) antennas in the infrared range due to the introduced sub-wavelength slit. Here, we demonstrate a dual-split bull's eye (DSBE) antenna, which consists of two sub-wavelength slits crossing through the center of(More)
The ability to program highly modulated morphology upon silicon nanowires (SiNWs) has been fundamental to explore new phononic and electronic functionalities. We here exploit a nanoscale locomotion of metal droplets to demonstrate a large and readily controllable morphology engineering of crystalline SiNWs, from straight ones into continuous or discrete(More)
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