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Stability analysis and optimal control of a hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) model
In this paper, we propose a system of ordinary differential equations to model the hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD). We derive the expression of the basic reproduction number . When , the system onlyExpand
Effect of infection age on an SIS epidemic model on complex networks
In this paper, based on an SIS model, we construct an epidemic model with infection age to investigate the disease transmission on complex networks. By analyzing the characteristic equationsExpand
Dynamics of a Heroin Epidemic Model with Very Population
Based on the model provided by the Mulone and Straughan [1], we relax the population which are constant and obtain the drug-free equilibrium which is global asymptotically stable under someExpand
Global analysis of an SIR epidemic model with infection age and saturated incidence
Abstract Epidemic models with infection age have been extensively studied in the recent decades. Unfortunately, the incidence rate used is the bilinear one. As incidence rate plays an important roleExpand
The Computational Approach for the Basic Reproduction Number of Epidemic Models on Complex Networks
The basic reproduction number plays an important role in exploring the dynamics of the epidemic models. Expand
An SIS epidemic model with vaccination in a dynamical contact network of mobile individuals with heterogeneous spatial constraints
We study a susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic model with vaccination in a dynamical contact network of moving individuals, where we regard mobile individuals as random walkers that are allowed to perform long-range jumps. Expand
Existence of a Nonautonomous SIR Epidemic Model with Age Structure
A nonautonomous SIR epidemic model with age structure is studied. Using integro-differential equation and a fixed point theorem, we prove the existence and uniqueness of a positive solution to thisExpand
The global stability of an SIRS model with infection age.
Infection age is an important factor affecting the transmission of infectious diseases. In this paper, we consider an SIRS model with infection age, which is described by a mixed system of Expand
Global dynamics of a heroin epidemic model with age structure and nonlinear incidence
A heroin model with nonlinear incidence rate and age structure is investigated. The basic reproduction number is determined whether or not a heroin epidemic breaks out. By employing the LyapunovExpand
Global threshold dynamics of an SIVS model with waning vaccine-induced immunity and nonlinear incidence.
Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. For many diseases, vaccine-induced immunity is not life long and the duration of immunity is not alwaysExpand