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Fumonisins are produced by the fungus Fusarium verticillioides, which are known to cause fatal diseases in some animals and humans. Here, we describe a sensitive, reproducible and reliable analytical method for the quantitative determination of fumonisins B(1) (FB(1)) and B(2) (FB(2)) in 112 spices and aromatic and medicinal herbs marketed in China. This(More)
The paper presents a control system structure for an X-ray based welding inspection and image recording, and studies a new method to realize the synchronous movement between the inner and outer robots. The paper provides a new design to sense the relative movement of robots and utilizes it to synchronize the movement of dual robots. Based on the theory of(More)
2-Dimensional Translational Oscillator with Rotational Actuator (2DTORA) consisting of an actuated rotational proof-mass and two unactuated translational carts is a novel underactuated system. In this paper, passivity-based stabilizing controllers are designed for 2DTORA based on its Euler-Lagrange structure and passivity property. Firstly, the dynamics of(More)
The paper analyzes the magnetic field distribution of emitter, and studies the localization technique based on ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave sensors. As the electromagnetic detection is sensitive to transform medium, which is related to its dielectric coefficient and magnetic inductive capacity, the paper presents a magnetic dipole model to(More)
Dynamical modeling, controllability condition and stabilization control design are presented for an underactuated double rotating pendulums system. Based on Lagrange equations, a dynamic model is derived by selecting the rotating angles of actuated arm and two pendulums as general coordinates of the system. Several important properties of the dynamics are(More)
Two different hierarchical sliding mode controllers are designed for an underactuated TORA (Translational Oscillator with Rotational Actuator) system. Firstly, the dynamics of TORA system is separated into two subsystems according to the motion degrees of freedom. Each subsystem contains two state variables, which are chosen to construct a sub-sliding mode(More)
An X-ray based pipeline robot is developed in order to inspect the welding of pipeline. The robot consists of the inner robot which carries X-ray device and searches the welding seam, and the outer robot which capture X-ray image via an enhancer. Based on visual recognition of identified lead wire, the paper presents a synchronous motion control method,(More)
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