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The search for active semiconductor photocatalysts that directly split water under visible-light irradiation remains one of the most challenging tasks for solar-energy utilization. Over the past 30 years, the search for such materials has focused mainly on metal-ion substitution as in In(1-x)Ni(x)TaO(4) and (V-,Fe- or Mn-)TiO(2) (refs 7,8), non-metal-ion(More)
We recently reported that Ag(3)PO(4) exhibits excellent photooxidative capabilities for O(2) evolution from water and organic dye decomposition under visible-light irradiation. However, very little is known about the shape and facet effects of Ag(3)PO(4) crystals on their photocatalytic properties. Herein we have developed a facile and general route for(More)
Herein, we have developed a facile and general method for the high-yield fabrication of AgX/Ag(3)PO(4) (X = Cl, Br, I) core-shell heterostructures with an unusual rhombic dodecahedral morphology, which exhibit much higher photocatalytic activities, structural stabilities and photoelectric properties than pure Ag(3)PO(4) crystals in environment and energy(More)
A strategy of reaction-environment modulation was employed to change the surface property of a semiconductor photocatalyst to enhance its photocatalytic performance. Surface alkalinization induced by a high alkalinity of the solution environment significantly shifted the surface energy band of a SrTiO(3) photocatalyst to a more negative level, supplying a(More)
A facile solvothermal epitaxial growth combined with a mild oxidation route has been developed for the fabrication of a magnetically recyclable Fe(3)O(4)/WO(3) core-shell visible-light photocatalyst. In this core-shell structured photocatalyst, visible-light-active WO(3) nanoplates (the shells) with high surface area are used as a medium to harvest absorbed(More)
Photoelectrochemical (PEC) conversion of solar light into chemical fuels is one of the most promising solutions to the challenge of sustainable energy. Graphitic carbon (IV) nitride polymer (g-CN) is an interesting sustainable photocathode material due to low-cost, visible-light sensitivity, and chemical stability up to 500 °C in air. However, grain(More)
Herein, we demonstrate a complex-precipitation strategy for high-yield fabrication of single-crystalline Ag(3)PO(4) sub-microcubes with sharp corners, edges, and smooth surfaces, which exhibit much higher photocatalytic activities and photoelectric conversion properties than spherical Ag(3)PO(4) particles and commercial N-doped TiO(2) under visible light(More)
Nanomultiple CaFe2O4/ZnFe2O4pn junctions are prepared by a pulsed laser deposition method to explore their photoelectrochemical properties as the photoelectrodes. It is demonstrated that the multiple-pn-junction structure is favorable to enhancing the photocurrent density and the onset potential of the photoelectrode. Furthermore, the 20-junction(More)
1 ABSTRACT Human decision making underlies data generating process in multiple application areas, and models explaining and predicting choices made by individuals are in high demand. Discrete choice models are widely studied in economics and computational social sciences. As digital social networking facilitates information ow and spread of in uence between(More)