Junyoung Ko

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Using monoclonal antibody against the 45 kDa postsynaptic density protein, we isolated a novel isoform of Homer/vesl. The NH2-terminal region containing a PDZ domain of this protein is identical to that of Homer/vesl, and the COOH-terminal region containing unique leucine zippers shows self-multimerization. We named this protein PSD-Zip45. In addition to(More)
The channel-associated protein PSD-95 functionally modulates NMDA receptor channels, interacting with the channels via PDZ domain of PSD-95. PSD-95 also interacts with guanylate kinase-associated protein (GKAP) through the guanylate kinase-like domain of PSD-95. Here we report that GKAP markedly potentiates the channel activity of the receptor-PSD-95(More)
Alliinase (alkylsulphenate lyase, EC, which catalyses the production of allicin, was immobilized in alginate microparticles. Addition of pyridoxal 5′-phosphate to the microparticles enhanced alliinase activity. Encapsulated alliinase were significantly higher (30 and 22%, respectively) than those of non-encapsulated alliinase at 60°C and at pH 2.(More)
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