Junyoung Heo

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Wireless industrial sensor networks are wireless sensor networks which have been adapted to industrial applications. Most techniques for wireless sensor networks can be applied to wireless industrial sensor networks. However, for industrial applications of wireless industrial sensor networks, new requirements such as real-time, reliable delivery need to be(More)
Incremental checkpointing, which is intended to minimize checkpointing overhead, saves only the modified pages of a process. This means that in incremental checkpointing, the time consumed for checkpointing varies according to the amount of modified pages. Thus, an efficient interval of checkpointing have to be determined on run-time of a process. In this(More)
Incremental checkpointing, which is intended to minimize checkpointing overhead, saves only the modified pages of a process. However, the cumulative size of incremental checkpoints increases at a steady rate over time because many updated values may be saved for the same page. In this paper, we present a comprehensive overview of <i>Pickpt</i>, which is a(More)
In most file systems, if a file is deleted, only the metadata of the file is deleted or modified and the file's data is still stored on the physical media. Some users require that deleted files no longer be accessible. This requirement is more important in embedded systems that employ flash memory as a storage medium. In this paper, we have designed a NAND(More)
Underwater environments are quite different from terrestrial environments in terms of the communication media and operating conditions associated with those environments. In underwater sensor networks, the probability of node failure is high because sensor nodes are deployed in harsher environments than ground-based networks. The sensor nodes are surrounded(More)
1 Department of Computer Engineering, Hoseo University, 165 Sechul-ri, Baebang-myun, Asan, Chungnam 336-795, Republic of Korea 2Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University, Technological Institute, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208, USA 3Department of Computer Engineering, Hansung University, 389 Samseon-dong(More)
A lot of bankruptcy forecasting model has been studied. Most of them uses corporate finance data and is intended for general companies. It may not appropriate for forecasting bankruptcy of construction companies which has big liquidity. It has a different capital structure, and the model to judge the financial risk of general companies can be difficult to(More)
As the internet is evolving for the last two decades, home networks that can connect all home appliances are emerging. One important topic in such a network is how to reduce the power consumption of all home appliances, since the appliances consume significant power in total even in standby mode. This paper proposes a system called SPRS (Standby Power(More)