Junyong Zhai

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This paper investigates the problem of output feedback stabilization for a class of high-order feedforward nonlinear systems with time-varying input delay. First, a scaling gain is introduced into the system under a set of coordinate transformations. Then, the authors construct an observer and controller to make the nominal system globally asymptotically(More)
This paper investigates the problem of semi-global stabilization by output feedback for a class of nonlinear systems using homogeneous domination approach. For each subsystem, we first design an output feedback stabilizer for the nominal system without the perturbing nonlinearities. Then, based on the ideas of the homogeneous systems theory and the adding a(More)
This paper presents a novel approach in designing adaptive controller to improve the transient performance for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems under different operating modes. The proposed scheme consists of generalized minimum variance (GMV) controllers and a compensating controller. GMV controllers are based on the known nominal linear multiple(More)