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A Heterotrimeric Dehydrogenase Complex Functions with Two Distinct YcaO Proteins to Install the Five Azole Heterocycles in the Thirty Five-Membered Thiopeptide Antibiotics Sulfomycins.
The findings in this study advance the understanding in the biosynthesis of different azole-containing RiPPs and set the stage for discovery, engineering and creation of new thiopeptides using genome mining and synthetic biology approaches. Expand
Identification and Characterization of a New Erythromycin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster in Actinopolyspora erythraea YIM90600, a Novel Erythronolide-Producing Halophilic Actinomycete Isolated from Salt
Erythromycins (Ers) are clinically potent macrolide antibiotics in treating pathogenic bacterial infections. Microorganisms capable of producing Ers, represented by Saccharopolyspora erythraea, areExpand
Correction to "A Heterotrimeric Dehydrogenase Complex Functions with 2 Distinct YcaO Proteins to Install 5 Azole Heterocycles in 35-Membered Sulfomycin Thiopeptides".
A two-stage process in which an unusual dehydrogenase heterotrimer functions with two distinct YcaO proteins to install five azole heterocycles into the core peptide sequence of the precursor peptide is dissected. Expand