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Current e orts in bringing instruments on-line via the World Wide Web (WWW) have done much to enhance distance learning and research. We have achieved success in bringing the Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) data live on the Web. This work is being pursued under the aegis of the IN-VSEE project. The project is targeted at bringing SPM data live to community(More)
The new crop of learning content management system (LCMS), designed to create, store, assemble and deliver personalized e-learning content at the object level, are likely the closest application yet to bridging knowledge management and learning management. Selecting and implementing a LCMS will be one of the largest IT projects tackled by many(More)
Process enactment plays a pivotal role in BPM systems. In order to enhance the scalability and robustness of BPM systems, a straightforward solution is to provide a redundant system with multi-engine architecture. However, without an effective scheduler, the multi-engine BPM systems cannot play out its advantages. This paper focuses on the design of an(More)
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