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Human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) can differentiate into functional cardiomyocytes; however, the electrophysiological properties of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes have yet to be fully characterized. We performed detailed electrophysiological characterization of highly pure hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. Action potentials (APs) were recorded from(More)
Recent research has demonstrated the feasibility of detecting human respiration rate non-intrusively leveraging commodity WiFi devices. However, is it always possible to sense human respiration no matter where the subject stays and faces? What affects human respiration sensing and what's the theory behind? In this paper, we first introduce the Fresnel model(More)
The original version missed one reference and thus resulted in errors in references. Abstract. Fall is one of the major health threats and obstacles to independent living for elders, timely and reliable fall detection is crucial for mitigating the effects of falls. In this paper, leveraging the fine-grained Channel State Information (CSI) and multi-antenna(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of RT-Fall, a real-time, contactless, low-cost yet accurate indoor fall detection system using the commodity WiFi devices. RT-Fall exploits the phase and amplitude of the fine-grained Channel State Information (CSI) accessible in commodity WiFi devices, and for the first time fulfills the goal of segmenting(More)
Providing accurate information about human's state, activity is one of the most important elements in Ubiquitous Computing. Various applications can be enabled if one's state, activity can be recognized. Due to the low deployment cost, non-intrusive sensing nature, Wi-Fi based activity recognition has become a promising, emerging research area. In this(More)
The intermittence and the randomness of sunshine cause the fluctuations of active power, which may reduce the power quality and increase the impact to the grid, even affect the security and stability of power system. On the basis of analyzing structural features and technical features of hybrid photovoltaic generation system with storage bank (HPS), an(More)
Recent research has demonstrated the feasibility of detecting human respiration rate non-intrusively using commodity WiFi devices. However, it is not always possible to sense human respiration when a subject is in different locations or faces different orientations. In this demo, we will show how a centimeter-scale position change affects the respiration(More)
It is so excited to imagine what ubiquitous intelligent computing can bring us in the following 10 years. In Chinese fiction, there are lots of legends where heroes use Kungfu to get great power. Getting such power is the dream for many people.We believe that ubiquitous intelligent computing is a valid way to help us realize such dreams. In this video, we(More)
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