Junyan Zhao

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To investigate the expression and role of PAR-2 in the proliferation of the human hepatoma cell line HepG2, PAR-2 protein and mRNA expression were evaluated by immuno-histochemistry, immunofluorescence and RT-PCR analysis. The signaling pathways downstream of PAR-2 activation that lead to hepatoma cell proliferation were analyzed. The results showed that(More)
The commercial banks risks come from all the uncertainty of the banking business, which have diffusibility and hidden features, if not timely controlled, will have a negative impact on the national economy. Therefore, it is necessary to design the corresponding index system according to the objectivity and relativity of the banking risks, and then control(More)
Current situation of foreign technical readiness development is introduced. On the basis, technical readiness levels corresponding to model product whole-life cycle process in China are given. Evaluation flow of technical readiness is proposed according to features of model project development process in China. Technical readiness evaluation level(More)
Module division is the basis for product modularization. The rationality of the product module division directly affects the function, performance, development time, cost, general degree of module, convenience of maintenance and so on. A module partition method has been proposed based on the interface relationship of Pros and Cons. It parted the module(More)
This article relates to the configuration design method of the product based on the extension case-based reasoning for transferring the demanding information into expected matter element so as to implement the mapping relationship between the customer needs and the configuration structures, to implement the mapping relationship between the configuration(More)
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