Junyan Shi

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In order to obtain a suitable red phosphor for mercury-free lamps and plasma display panels (PDPs), samples of trivalent europium-activated polyphosphate LiGd(PO(3))(4):Eu(3+) (LGP:Eu(3+)) were prepared by a solid-state reaction technique at high temperature. The vacuum ultraviolet (VUV)-visible spectroscopic properties were investigated. Because the(More)
A series of Zn(1-x)Mn(x)Al(2)O(4) (x=0.001∼0.08) phosphors were synthesized by a traditional solid-state reaction route. Their photoluminescence under vacuum ultraviolet (VUV, energy E>50000 cm(-1), wavelength λ<200 nm) and cathodoluminescence under low-voltage electron beam excitation were evaluated. The luminescence decays were also measured. The intense(More)
The thermal degradation of chitin biomass with various molecular structures was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis (TG), and the gaseous products were analyzed by connected mass spectroscopy (MS). The chemical structure and morphology of char residues collected at 750°C using the model substrates GlcNH2 and GlcNAc, were characterized systematically.(More)
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