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<?Pub Dtl?>In this paper, low phase-noise, low-power, and compact oscillators are demonstrated at the millimeter-wave region based on differential transmission lines (DTLs) loaded with metamaterial resonators. There are two types of metamaterial resonators explored: split-ring resonators (SRRs) and complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRs). By creating a(More)
With technology scaling down to 90nm and below, many yield-driven design and optimization methodologies have been proposed to cope with the prominent process variation and to increase the yield. A critical issue that affects the efficiency of those methods is to estimate the yield when given design parameters under variations. Existing methods either use(More)
—This paper presents a Sigma-Delta fractional-N frequency synthesizer for multi-standard receiver. The synthesizer's output range is 1.8~5.8GHz and covers the standards of DCS1800, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WLAN802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth. Frequency planning is elaborately done to make sure the synthesizer meets specifications of standards mentioned above. QVCO with a(More)
Performance failure has become a significant threat to the reliability and robustness of analog circuits. In this article, we first develop an efficient non-Monte-Carlo (NMC) transient mismatch analysis, where transient response is represented by stochastic orthogonal polynomial (SOP) expansion under PVT variations and probabilistic distribution of(More)
—To provide wide frequency tuning range (FTR) with compact implementation area, a new inductive tuning method is introduced in this paper for CMOS 60 GHz voltage controlled oscil-lator (VCO). The inductive tuning is based on a switching inductor-loaded transformer by configuring different current return-paths in the secondary coil of the transformer.(More)
One high-sensitivity CMOS superregenerative receiver is demonstrated for 96GHz mm-wave imaging based on high-Q metamaterial oscillator. Compared to traditional LC-tank based oscillator, the metamaterial oscillator is developed by folded-differential transmission-line loaded complimentary split-ring resonator (FDTLCSRR). With formed sharp stop-band,(More)