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OBJECTIVE Claudin-4 plays a key role in constructing the tight junction (TJ), and altered claudin-4 expression has been documented in various human malignancies; however, little is known about the biological significance of claudin-4 in colorectal cancers (CRCs). The aim of this study is to investigate the significance of claudin-4 expression in CRC and its(More)
Like gastric and intestinal mucins, the tight junction proteins called claudins can be used to determine the differentiation of gastric mucosa. We investigated the expression of claudins in gastric cancer and proposed a new claudin-based gastric cancer classification system. The expression of gastric (claudin-18) and intestinal (claudin-3 and claudin-4)(More)
Claudins are transmembrane proteins that seal tight junctions, bind with peripheral protein zonula occludens (ZO)-1, and are known to play an important role in several normal tissues and cancers. However, the role of claudin-1 and claudin-7 expressions in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma remains to be clarified. In the present study, we confirmed the(More)
We learn many things in our daily life through experiences by using our bodies. To earn practical knowledge, it is important to actually practice the activity and to interact with people of same interests. In this paper, by introducing our product, we will show the availability of an interacting media focused on the user's activity to support him expand his(More)
An orally active dual CysLT1 and CysLT2 antagonist possessing a distinctive structure which consists of triple bond and dicarboxylic acid moieties is described. Gemilukast (ONO-6950) was generated via isomerization of the core indole and the incorporation of a triple bond into a lead compound. Gemilukast exhibited antagonist activities with IC50 values of(More)
Poster<lb>Abstract/Poster Board Numbers<lb>Board Numbers Session Topic/Title<lb>Start # End # Session Topic/Title<lb>Start # End # Epigenetics<lb>412 511 Genome Structure, Variation and Function 512 694 Pharmacogenetics<lb>695 743 Complex Traits and Polygenic Disorders<lb>744 1180 Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration<lb>1181 1430(More)
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