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The authors have previously demonstrated an electrokinetic fabrication method of a carbon nanotube (CNT) gas sensor using dielectrophore-sis. One advantage of the technique was that one could quantify the amount of trapped nanotubes on a real time basis by monitoring electrical impedance of the sensor (dielectrophoretic impedance measurement, DEPIM). In the(More)
This paper describes a new selective detection method of microorganisms such as bacteria by using dielectrophoresis together with antigen-antibody reaction. The authors had proposed the dielectrophoretic impedance measurement (DEPIM) method, which realized fast and easy detection of biological cells suspended in aqueous medium. However, highly selective(More)
Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is the electrokinetic motion of dielectrically polarized particles in nonuniform electric fields. DEP has found many useful technological applications including separation, levitation and characterization of dielectric particles such as biological cells. In this study, the authors propose a new type of liquid filter, which utilizes(More)
Corona discharge mechanism based on corona current pulse characteristics from a metallic floating particle was investigated in SF <sub>6</sub> gas under DC voltage as a basis for clearly understanding of corona discharge mechanism in SF<sub>6</sub> gas gap with floating particle under AC voltage. Corona behavior and breakdown voltage were investigated by(More)
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