Junya Ohshiro

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Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) channel (CaCC) often plays substantial roles in the regulation of membrane excitability in smooth muscle cells (SMCs). TMEM16A, a member of the TMEM16 family, has been suggested as the molecular entity responsible for CaCC in several types of SMCs. In this study, the expression of TMEM16A splicing variants and their contribution to(More)
TMEM16A is a major component of Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) channel (CaCC) conductance in murine portal vein smooth muscle cells (mPVSMCs). Here, the regulation of CaCC activity by the actin cytoskeleton was examined in mPVSMCs. Actin disruption by cytochalasin D did not affect the current density, but increased the deactivation time constant in mPVSMCs. The(More)
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