Junya Kobayashi

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Specific neuron ablation with laser microbeam has been used in behavioral analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans. However, this method is hard to acquire many ablated worms, and is unable to compare behavioral changes just before and after ablation. Here, we developed an ablation method by using genetically encoded photosensitizer protein, KillerRed, which(More)
Although some interneurons in C. elegans have been shown to have unusual region-specific Ca(2+) dynamics, the region-specific Ca(2+) and membrane potential response properties of these neurons are largely unknown due to technical limitations. In this report, we focused on one of these neurons, AIY interneuron, where Ca(2+) dynamics have been detected only(More)
A method for detecting an abnormal object in video images is proposed. We define abnormal object as an object that does not appear in usual scenes. The detection system is trained with video images of usual scenes, and then detects abnormal objects in new input video images. The proposed method detects an abnormal object by assuming an object as a set of(More)
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