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Spatial variation in Meso-Cenozoic exhumation history of the Longmen Shan thrust belt (eastern Tibetan Plateau) and the adjacent western Sichuan basin: Constraints from fission track thermochronology
Abstract The NE-trending Longmen Shan thrust belt, marking the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau adjacent to the Sichuan basin, is characterized by the paradox of high topographic gradients butExpand
Application of the Variational-Mode Decomposition for Seismic Time–frequency Analysis
Variational mode decomposition (VMD) is a newly developed methodology for decomposition on adaptive and quasi-orthogonal signal and can decompose a seismic signal into a number of quasiorthogonal intrinsic mode functions (IMFs). Expand
Late cretaceous tectonic change of the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau — results from multisystem thermochronology
Partially due to lack of structural and sedimentary records to constrain the Jurassic-to-Cretaceous evolution, there was a missing process here in the eastern margin of Tibetan Plateau as it changedExpand
An Approach For Simultaneously Inverting MT Data For Resistivity And Susceptibility
We present a technique for inverting magnetotelluric (MT) data for simultaneous estimates of resistivity and susceptibility. We demonstrate the efficacy of the method by processing a large surveyExpand
Application of the empirical mode decomposition and wavelet transform to seismic reflection frequency attenuation analysis
Abstract Frequency attenuation analysis is a useful tool for direct hydrocarbon indication. Frequency attenuation gradient is more sensitive to the type of reservoir identification than otherExpand
Application of a Variational Mode Decomposition-Based Instantaneous Centroid Estimation Method to a Carbonate Reservoir in China
A novel hydrocarbon detection technique named the variational mode decomposition (VMD)-based instantaneous centroid method is proposed in this letter. Expand
Seismic facies analysis based on self-organizing map and empirical mode decomposition
Abstract Seismic facies analysis plays an important role in seismic interpretation and reservoir model building by offering an effective way to identify the changes in geofacies inter wells. TheExpand
Risk assessment of seismic hazards in hydraulic fracturing areas based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and AHP method (FAHP): A case analysis of Shangluo area in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China
Abstract In this paper, a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation (FCE) based on the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) model (FAHP) has been established to quantitatively evaluate the seismic risk of theExpand
Sedimentary record of Late Triassic transpressional tectonics of the Longmenshan thrust belt, SW China
Abstract Sedimentary data from field and borehole investigations allow reconstruction of the southwesterly variations of proximal sedimentary processes along the Longmenshan thrust belt during LateExpand