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This paper introduces a new type of CNC, which is named as I<sup>2 </sup>NC. I<sup>2</sup>NC (intelligent integrated numerical control) is a kernel of I<sup>2</sup>MS (intelligent integrated manufacturing system),which includes computer-aided design, computer aided process plan, computer aided manufacturing, and CNC. I<sup>2</sup>NC provides them a unified(More)
In order to meet increased demand of nano machining accuracy in modern manufacturing industries, intelligent nano computer numerically controlled (CNC) system will be the main development aim of the next generation CNC system. Because traditional G-codes (ISO6983) have been extensively used by the CNC machine tools for part programming and are now(More)
Continuously variable crown (CVC) roll is an effective method for controlling the flatness and shape of strip in the modern manufacturing industry. The key issue in the development of the CVC roll is the design and intelligent grinding technology of the roll shape. In this paper, a new simple least square method is adapted to design the CVC roll shape(More)
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