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Recent progress on high-speed optical transmission
Abstract The recently reported high spectral efficiency (SE) and high-baud-rate signal transmission are all based on digital coherent optical communications and digital signal processing (DSP). DSPExpand
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Variational Surface Reconstruction from Sparse and Nonparallel Contours for Freehand 3D Ultrasound
3D reconstruction for freehand 3D ultrasound is a challenging issue because the recorded B-scans are not only sparse, but also non-parallel. Both conventional volume and surface reconstructionExpand
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Modelling, analysis and design of droop-controlled parallel three phase voltage source inverter using dynamic phasors method
This paper use both dynamic phasors model and small-signal model to deal with the precise model of droop-controlled parallel inverters. Then the transient response and stability analysis of P-E andExpand
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Multi-Stage Machine Learning Enhanced DSP for DP-64QAM Coherent Optical Transmission Systems
We propose to improve DSP for coherent-signal recovery with distributed multi-stage machine-learning algorithms. Experiments demonstrate more-than-3-dB and 1-dB improvements in OSNR sensitivities forExpand
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Passive optical networks for 5G evolution
As the 5G standardization is underway, it has become apparent that the existing wireless fronthaul network needs to be redesigned in order to meet the future requirements. Passive optical network,Expand
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The best modulation format for 100G short-reach and metro networks: DMT, PAM-4, CAP, or duobinary?
To meet the increasing bandwidth demand for rapidly growing data flow from the wide spreading multimedia services, broadband Internet, and cloud services, 100G and even beyond data transmission basedExpand
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Theoretical and simulation analysis of a novel multiple-input multiple-output scheme over multimode fiber links with dual restricted launch techniques
Different launching methods over multimode fiber (MMF) are reviewed and compared under various aspects such as coupling coefficient, mode power distribution, and bit error rate performance. AmongExpand
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Optical homodyne receiver utilizing image rejection in FSK/ASK re-modulation WDM-PON
Optical frequency shift keying (FSK) homodyne detection utilizing image rejection in FSK/amplitude shift keying (ASK) re-modulation wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON)Expand
Transmission and reception of quad-carrier QPSK-OFDM signal with blind equalization
Quad-Carrier QPSK-OFDM signal transmission and reception is successfully demonstrated with blind equalization like a 25-QAM signal with CMMA equalization. The phase recovery can be realized withExpand