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Petunias are important ornamentals with the capacity for cold acclimation. So far, there is limited information concerning gene regulation and signaling pathways associated with the cold stress response in petunias. A custom-designed petunia microarray representing 24816 genes was used to perform transcriptome profiling in petunia seedlings subjected to(More)
The inevitable move from a single large scale server to a distributed Grid environment is beginning to be realized across international Grid test-bed like Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA). Although jobs submitted to a single large server have been widely analyzed, job characteristics in a Grid environment are different as we(More)
KiBank is a database of inhibition constant (Ki) values with 3D structures of target proteins and chemicals. Ki values were accumulated from peer-reviewed literature searched via PubMed. The 3D structure files of target proteins were originally from Protein Data Bank (PDB), while the 2D structure files of the chemicals were collected together with the Ki(More)
— 1 In this paper, achievable rates of imperfectly-known fading relay channels are studied. It is assumed that communication starts with the network training phase in which the receivers estimate the fading coefficients of their respective channels. In the data transmission phase, amplify-and-forward and decode-and-forward relaying schemes are considered,(More)