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<sup>1</sup> In this paper, collaborative use of relays to form a beamforming system and provide physical-layer security is investigated. In particular, amplify-and-forward (AF) relay beamforming designs under total and individual relay power constraints are studied with the goal of maximizing the secrecy rates when perfect channel state information (CSI)(More)
Petunias are important ornamentals with the capacity for cold acclimation. So far, there is limited information concerning gene regulation and signaling pathways associated with the cold stress response in petunias. A custom-designed petunia microarray representing 24816 genes was used to perform transcriptome profiling in petunia seedlings subjected to(More)
In a wide range of fields, data arrive in the form of high speed and huge data streams, and accompanying risks of disclosure of privacy. Most of previous studies about privacy preserving, such as k-anonymity methods, are excellent and effective, however, focus on static data sets. In this paper, we study a novel framework KIDS (K-anonymIzation Data Stream(More)
Data intensive applications, such as high energy physics, usually have a large amount of input data requires analysis. These data are often shared and replicated across the data grid. As the computing power increases, the delay caused by "waiting for input data" will become more pronounced. In this paper, we study the impact of parallel download on job(More)
In this paper, collaborative use of relays to form a beamforming system with the aid of perfect channel state information &#40;CSI&#41; and to provide communication in physical-layer security between a transmitter and two receivers is investigated. In particular, we describe decode-and-forward based null space beamforming schemes and optimize the relay(More)