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This paper describes the cloud service architecture and key technologies for service selection algorithm. Cloud computing is a hot topic on software and distributed computing based on Internet, which means users can access storages and applications from remote servers by web browsers or other fixed or mobile terminals. Because the constrained resources of(More)
In addition to the classic genomic effects, it is well known that glucocorticoids also have rapid, nongenomic effects on neurons. In the present study, the effect of corticosterone (CORT) on ATP-induced Ca(2+) mobilization in cultured dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons were detected with confocal laser scanning microscopy using fluo-4/AM as a calcium(More)
Posttranslational modification of proteins, such as glycosylation, can impact cell signaling and function. ST6Gal I, a glycosyltransferase expressed by B cells, catalyzes the addition of alpha-2,6 sialic acid to galactose, a modification found on N-linked glycoproteins such as CD22, a negative regulator of B cell activation. We show that SNA lectin, which(More)
The paper mainly studies the optimizing mathematical model of bus departure interval and its solution, and then work out the best bus departure interval. This paper establishes the optimizing mathematical model of bus departure interval, which takes crowding cost of passengers into account, including passengers' on-the-bus time cost, passengers' crowding(More)