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STREAMSCOPE (or STREAMS) is a reliable distributed stream computation engine that has been deployed in shared 20,000-server production clusters at Microsoft. STREAMS provides a continuous temporal stream model that allows users to express complex stream processing logic naturally and declaratively. STREAMS supports business-critical streaming applications(More)
Single crystals of two hybrid organic-inorganic molecular solids, benzyl pyridinium tetra(isothiocyanate)cobalt ([BzPy] 2 [Co(NCS) 4 ]) (1) and benzyl quinolinium tetra(isothiocyanate)cobalt ([BzQl] 2 [Co(NCS) 4 ]) (2), were grown using a slow evaporation growth technique at room temperature and their IR, UV-Vis, X-ray crystal structures, luminescence, and(More)
BACKGROUND Si-Mo-Tang oral liquid (SMT) has been widely used to treat functional dyspepsia (FD), but the effectiveness is still controversial. A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) were performed to assess the efficacy and adverse effects of SMT for FD. METHODS Investigators searched for articles with publication(More)
Highly-flexible thermoelectric fabrics were fabricated based on a layered structure, composed of a thin active layer of self-assembled tellurium nanorods and a substrate layer of polyvinylidene fluoride. The resulting thermoelectric fabrics show a high room temperature power factor of 45.8 μW m(-1) K(-2), which opens a new avenue to fabricate(More)
The effects of supplementing the culture medium with Mg2+ on the growth, lipid production, and fatty acid composition of Monoraphidium sp. FXY-10 were studied under photoautotrophic, heterotrophic, and mixotrophic conditions. Under the photoautotrophic condition, microalgae supplemented with 100 μM Mg2+ grew significantly better than the control group and(More)
Entropy can be as a measurement of the uncertainty and entropy optimization models can help investors to make decisions in the imperfect securities market. In this paper, the transaction costs will be added to the entropy optimization models including Mean-Entropy model and Mean-Cross-Entropy model, which make the models more rational and objective. The(More)
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