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With the rapid advance of online gaming and virtual reality technology, virtual teamwork has become increasingly popular. People spend more and more time working with others in 3D virtual environments to accomplish common goals. In this study, we investigate the impact of virtual teamwork on collaboration in the real world. We conducted a study with a(More)
—With more and more vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices, there is increasing interest in building and updating maps using vehicular GPS traces. But commodity GPS devices have lower accuracy and lower sampling frequency, which made it more difficult to infer road network than most existing approaches that using high-precision and high-frequency GPS(More)
Primary hepatic carcinoid tumor is rare and poses a challenge for diagnosis and management. We presented a case of primary hepatic carcinoid tumor in a 53-year-old female with a complaint of right upper abdominal pain. Computer tomography scans revealed a hypervascular mass in segment 4 of the liver. An ultrasonography-guided biopsy showed a carcinoid(More)
BACKGROUND Kadsurae Caulis and Spatholobi Caulis have very similar Chinese names. Their commodities were hard to distinguish because their stems were very alike after dried and processed. These two herbal drugs were often mixed in clinical use. OBJECTIVE Authenticity assurance is crucial for quality control of herbal drugs. Therefore, it is essential to(More)
Code recommendation has been an indispensable feature of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for modern software developers. Android developers especially require code recommendation support to ensure high development efficiency and quality, as Android applications are developed based on Android application framework and thus are more pattern-based.(More)
Binary transition metal oxides have been regarded as one of the most promising candidates for high-performance electrodes in energy storage devices, since they can offer high electrochemical activity and high capacity. Rational designing nanosized metal oxide/carbon composite architectures has been proven to be an effective way to improve the(More)
The aim of this study was to identify the antimicrobial substances in the sacculus rotundus and evaluate their effects on mammalian immune function and molecular mechanisms. Chromatographic techniques were used to purify antimicrobial substances. Components with antimicrobial activity were analyzed by NanoLC-ESI-MS/MS. Immunosuppressed mice were given crude(More)