Junwei Sun

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In this paper, based on the knowledge of memristor and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), the model of the memristor-based RNNs with discrete and distributed delays is established. By constructing proper Lyapunov functionals and using inequality technique, several sufficient conditions are given to ensure the passivity of the memristor-based RNNs with(More)
We introduce two new 3D positioning methods. The techniques enable rapid, yet easy-to-use positioning of objects in 3D scenes. With SHIFT-Sliding, the user can override the default assumption of contact and non-collision for sliding, and lift objects into the air or make them collide with other objects. DEPTH-POP maps mouse wheel actions to all object(More)
Apache Spark is a distributed memory-based computing framework which is natural suitable for machine learning. Compared to Hadoop, Spark has a better ability of computing. In this paper, we analyze Spark's primary framework, core technologies, and run a machine learning instance on it. Finally, we will analyze the results and introduce our hardware(More)