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Blind signature is very important technology in secure e-commerce. Certificateless public key cryptography avoids the using of certificate in certificate-based public key signature scheme and removes key escrow in ID-based signature scheme. In this paper we introduce the notion of blind signature into certificateless public key cryptography and propose a(More)
To establish and manage of multicentral collection bio-sample banks of malignant tumors from digestive system, the paper designed a multicentral management system, established the standard operation procedures (SOPs) and leaded ten hospitals nationwide to collect tumor samples. The biobank has been established for half a year, and has collected 695 samples(More)
By analyzing the relationship between the fore-scaling and post-scaling of the images' DC coefficients, this paper proposes a robust image watermarking arithmetic with scaling compatible in DCT domain. Hung together with the JPEG encoding course, this method embeds the watermark information into the DC coefficients after the discrete cosine transform and(More)
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