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Dried raw sludge was pyrolyzed at temperatures ranging from 400 to 600°C at the increase of 50°C intervals to investigate the influence of pyrolysis temperature on properties and environmental safety of heavy metals in biochar derived from municipal sewage sludge. The sludge biochar yield decreased significantly with increasing pyrolysis temperature but the(More)
A novel type of biochar was produced by mixing bamboo sawdust with sewage sludge (1:1, w/w) via a co-pyrolysis process at 400-600°C. Changes in physico-chemical properties and the intrinsic speciation of metals were investigated before and after pyrolysis. Co-pyrolysis resulted in a lower biochar yield but a higher C content in the end product compared with(More)
On-demand multipath routing in a mobile ad hoc network is effective in achieving load balancing over the network and more robust to mobility. In this paper, a node-disjoint multipath routing protocol is proposed, which forms opportunistic node-disjoint routes for data transmission and supports packet salvaging. The proposed scheme reduces routing overhead(More)
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