Junwei Cheng

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We perform linear stability studies of the ion temperature gradient (ITG) instability in unsheared slab geometry using kinetic and extended MHD models, in the regime k‖/k⊥ << 1. The ITG is a parallel (to B) sound wave that may be destabilized by FLR effects in the presence of a gradient in the equilibrium ion temperature. The ITG is stable in both ideal and(More)
Two new low-noise particle closure methods are developed and tested. Closure of a small set of moment equations is accomplished with first or second order moments computed from a delta-f particle in cell ��f PIC� distribution. Conservation laws are developed and in one case apply to the discrete system, showing that squared weights are part of the system(More)
The simulation model of hot rolling coupling was established using finite element method base on studying and analyzing of universal rolling method for H-beam. The distribution of temperature field and stress field in contact area as the main research subjects during hot rolling under the given rolling regulations of H-beam, the whole process of hot rolling(More)
"Mechanical Manufacturing Technology" is a major course of specialized skill for students majoring in machinery and near-mechanical engineering. Machining processes are one of the important contents in this course. The machining processes of some typical parts like box-body class parts, axis class parts, sleeve class parts and so on are one of the important(More)
To analyze the forming rules of the width dimensions reduction change of wide-thick plate head regional, the coupled heat rolling model of was created by the theory of the nonlinear finite element. Under the base of constant wide-thick plate width and different side pressing regulations, the forming rules were obtained for wide-thick plate head width(More)
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