Juntao Li

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Constructing gene networks is one of the hot topics in the analysis of the microarray gene expression data. When combined with the output of disease gene finding, the generated gene networks will give a recommendation mechanism and an intuitive form for biologists to identify the underlying relationship among those biomarkers of the disease. In this paper,(More)
The recovery of liver mass is mainly mediated by proliferation of hepatocytes after 2/3 partial hepatectomy (PH) in rats. Studying the gene expression profiles of hepatocytes after 2/3 PH will be helpful to investigate the molecular mechanisms of liver regeneration (LR). We report here the first application of weighted gene co-expression network analysis(More)
Identifying interesting relationships between pairs of genes, presented over some of experimental conditions in gene expression data set, is useful for discovering novel functional gene interactions. In this paper, we introduce a new method for id entifying L ocal C o-regulation R elationships (IdLCR). These local relationships describe the behaviors of(More)