Juntae Kim

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This paper presents the SERF (System for Electronic Recommendation Filtering) which is a collaborative filtering system that recommends context-sensitive, high-quality information sources for document search. Collaborative filtering systems remove the limitation of traditional content-based search by using individual's ratings to evaluate and recommend(More)
Social networks are social structures that depict relational structure of different entities. The most important entities are usually located in strategic locations within the network. Users from such positions play important roles in spreading the information. The purpose of this research is to make a connection between, information related to structural(More)
Knowledge sharing within a cooperative organization is an important issue since the power of its outcome has been the principal source of competitive advantage over the competitors in the market. However, without a proper collective knowledge management, its utilization as a strategic weapon or competitive advantage becomes difficult and inefficient. From(More)
For natural group movement of non player characters (NPCs) in a computer game, an efficient planning algorithm is necessary. This paper presents a grid window-based path planning algorithm for realistic group movement. The global path is planned in a static environment and the path is locally repaired to avoid dynamic obstacles during execution. The(More)