Juntae Kim

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This paper presents the SERF (System for Electronic Recommendation Filtering) which is a collaborative filtering system that recommends context-sensitive, high-quality information sources for document search. Collaborative filtering systems remove the limitation of traditional content-based search by using individual's ratings to evaluate and recommend(More)
Social networks are social structures that depict relational structure of different entities. The most important entities are usually located in strategic locations within the network. Users from such positions play important roles in spreading the information. The purpose of this research is to make a connection between, information related to structural(More)
In this paper, we propose a two-step method to reduce wind noise in dual microphone environments. Wind noise in outdoors recording often leads to critical degradation to the speech signal. Therefore, it is necessary to apply algorithms for reduction of wind noise. The proposed algorithm exploits the coherence of input signals and use a Wiener filter to(More)
Overlapping speech is known to be the major source of error in various speech processing algorithm. Many previous studies on overlapping speech detection focus on exploring the various feature set for representing speech and overlapping speech characteristics while using the HMM framework. In this study, however, we hypothesize that the capacity of single(More)
Knowledge sharing within a cooperative organization is an important issue since the power of its outcome has been the principal source of competitive advantage over the competitors in the market. However, without a proper collective knowledge management, its utilization as a strategic weapon or competitive advantage becomes difficult and inefficient. From(More)
Voice activity detection (VAD) determines whether the incoming signal segments are speech or noiseand is an important technique in almost all of speech-related applications. In order to improve VAD performance in various noise environments, characterizing the speech feature has been the most crucial issue up to date. Among several proposed speech features,(More)