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Although local area networks (LANs) are commonplace in hospital-based radiology departments today, wireless LANs are still relatively unknown and untried. A linked wireless reporting system was developed to improve work throughput and efficiency. It allows radiologists, physicians, and technologists to review current radiology reports and images and(More)
PURPOSE Because radial sampling imposes many limitations on magnetic resonance (MR) imaging hardware, such as on the accuracy of the gradient magnetic field or the homogeneity of B(0), some correction of the echo signal is usually needed before image reconstruction. In our previous study, we developed an echo-peak-shift correction (EPSC) algorithm not(More)
To evaluate the practical usefulness of several types of the reporting system especially for radiologists, we have developed and employed several reporting systems. We categorized those reporting systems as follows (1) stand alone PC reporting system; (2) linked reporting system with PACS environment; (3) integrated three-dimensional (3D) imaging(More)
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