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Femtocells are usually deployed in an indoor environment to provide in-building coverage enhancements. However, femtocells get to provide services for not only indoor users but also outdoor users in vicinity. Without the knowledge from the femtocell of whether the serviced users are located indoor or outdoor, the outdoor users are likely to experience low(More)
In this paper, we propose the SCARLET (SCA ReconfigurabLe middleware of ETRI) which is a middleware platform for the SDR (Software Defined Radio) AT (Access Terminal) and supports the SCA standard (Ver2.2) of JTRS. It guarantees the portability and reusability of the software, hardware, and also ensures the compatibility of mutual software component among(More)
In this paper, we propose a structure of the DLC (data link control) protocol layer, which consists of the functional component, with radio resource channel allocation method. It is operated by the state of current traffic volume for the efficiency of radio resource utilization. Different adequate components will be taken by the current traffic state,(More)
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