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This paper presents a new method to automatically obtain fish ontologies using its digital pictures and pattern recognition. The geometric ontologies are used to identify the fish type. Silver carp is used as an example to be compared with common carp and snakehead fish. This research is the pioneer of automatic fish ontology definition and fish(More)
This paper presents a new method to define and obtain morphological ontology features for carp using its digital images. Currently there are some works that defines the ontological knowledge base, all of these works are based on the classification catalog and expert experiences, these methods use interactive human input to construct the knowledge base. Our(More)
This paper presents a new system to automatically recognize fishes based their digital pictures. The system follows the requirement of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) in order to provide a self-service platform for public. The system provides services like the training mode, the recognition mode, and the consulting mode. These services can be deployed(More)
 A rare deep-sea ophidiid genus Mastigopterus known to contain two species, M. imperator Smith and Radcliffe, 1913 and M. praetor Smith and Radcliffe, 1913, was reviewed on the basis of six specimens including the holotypes of both species. Dorsal and anal fin ray counts and the size of cephalic sensory pores previously thought to be diagnostic(More)
T he deep-sea ophidiid subfamily Brotulotaeniinae includes only one genus, Bvotulotaen&, and four nominal species (Cohen, 1974): B. nigm Parr, 1933, B. crassa Parr, 1934, B. nielseni Cohen, 1974 and B. brevicauda Cohen, 1974. Cohen (1974) and Machida (t990), however, have suggested that B. crassa is a junior synonym of B. nigr~l. Although rarely(More)
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