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The problem of direct adaptive fuzzy control for a class of strict-feedback uncertain systems is discussed in this paper. Based on the principle of sliding mode control and the approximation capability of fuzzy systems, and by introducing modulation function, a novel scheme of direct adaptive fuzzy control is proposed. By utilizing backstepping technique,(More)
This paper presents a novel adaptive tracking fuzzy control scheme for a class of nonlinear system. Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model is employed to approximate the unknown system function. Moreover, only one parameter is necessary to be tuned online such that the complexity of the controller is reduced dramatically. All the signals in the closed-loop system(More)
  • Junsheng Ren
  • 2006
This paper addresses the robust fault detection (RFD) problem for a class of neutral systems with time delays in states and unknown input. The objective is to minimize the difference between the residual and the fault, and to enhance the robustness to unknown inputs and control inputs. The key idea is to formulate the design of robust fault detection filter(More)
—This paper deals with resilient robust H ∞ fuzzy control problem for a class of nonlinear time-delayed systems with norm-bounded and time-varying uncertainties in the matrices of state, delayed state and control gain via state feedback controllers. Firstly, the nonlinear system is represented by Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model. Sufficient conditions are(More)
Singular system is a natural representation of dynamical systems. Guaranteed cost fuzzy control problem for a class of nonlinear singular system is addressed. The nonlinear singular system contains time-varying and norm-bounded uncertainties simultaneously in the matrices of states, delayed states and control inputs. Nonlinear singular system is formulated(More)