Junsheng Ren

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—In this paper, a robust adaptive tracking control problem is discussed for a general class of strict-feedback uncertain nonlinear systems. The systems may possess a wide class of uncertainties referred to as unstructured uncertainties, which are not linearly parameterized and do not have any prior knowledge of the bounding functions. The Takagi–Sugeno type(More)
—This paper addresses an adaptive fuzzy controller design for a class of nonlinear system. The nonlinear system is in the framework of strict-feedback form. The system funtions are unknown, and external disturbances meet the triangular bound assumption. Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) type fuzzy logic systems are used to approximate the uncertain nonlinear functions.(More)
Singular system is a natural representation of dynamical systems. Guaranteed cost fuzzy control problem for a class of nonlinear singular system is addressed. The nonlinear singular system contains time-varying and norm-bounded uncertainties simultaneously in the matrices of states, delayed states and control inputs. Nonlinear singular system is formulated(More)
—This paper deals with resilient robust H ∞ fuzzy control problem for a class of nonlinear time-delayed systems with norm-bounded and time-varying uncertainties in the matrices of state, delayed state and control gain via state feedback controllers. Firstly, the nonlinear system is represented by Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model. Sufficient conditions are(More)
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