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Development of a Markov-Chain-Based Energy Storage Model for Power Supply Availability Assessment of Photovoltaic Generation Plants
A new Markov-chain-based energy storage model to evaluate power supply availability of photovoltaic generation is proposed. Since photovoltaic resources have high output variability subject toExpand
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A mobile renewable house using PV/wind/fuel cell hybrid power system
Abstract A photovoltaic/wind/fuel cell hybrid power system for stand-alone applications is proposed and demonstrated with a mobile house. This concept shows that different renewable sources can beExpand
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Availability Evaluation of Micro-Grids for Resistant Power Supply During Natural Disasters
This paper discusses how micro-grids availability during natural disasters and in their aftermath can be assessed based on Markov state space models and calculated using minimal cut sets approximations. Expand
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A novel classification approach based on Naïve Bayes for Twitter sentiment analysis
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A rapid charging station with an ultracapacitor energy storage system for plug-in electrical vehicles
Plug-in electrical vehicles (PEVs) are considered to be one of the solutions to the challenges of rising energy costs and global warming. As the number of PEVs sold steadily increases in theExpand
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Analysis of the effects of duty cycle constraints in multiple-input converters for photovoltaic applications
A multiple-input converter for photovoltaic-powered communication sites is analyzed. The study shows that the duty cycles of a multiple-input converter, which control the power delivered by eachExpand
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Analysis of the energy storage operation of electrical vehicles with a photovoltaic roof using a Markov chain model
Energy storage operation in electrical vehicles, with a photovoltaic roof, is analyzed. When an electrical vehicle uses a photovoltaic roof in order to provide supplemental power, it is critical toExpand
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Design considerations for energy storage power electronics interfaces for high penetration of renewable energy sources
This paper discusses design considerations of power electronics interfaces between renewable energy sources and energy storage. When renewable energy sources — including photovoltaic modules, windExpand
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Microgrids availability evaluation using a Markov chain energy storage model: a comparison study in system architectures
This paper investigates the effect of energy storage systems on the availability of microgrids with different architectures in the presence of renewable energy sources (RESs). When RESs are used forExpand
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Enhancing node connectivity by utilizing RSSI for ZigBee-based WSN
We improve the node connection scheme for ZigBee-based Wireless Sensor Network by proposing two methods, Gaussian filtering with averaging and Median method based on RSSI samples. Expand
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