Junseok Chae

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This paper presents a modular, low profile, wafer-level encapsulation technology for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging. Electroplated caps are formed on top of a solder transfer layer previously deposited on a carrier wafer, then simultaneously transferred and bonded to a device wafer by a novel solder transfer method and transient liquid(More)
A monolithic three-axis micro-g resolution silicon capacitive accelerometer system utilizing a combined surface and bulk micromachining technology is demonstrated. The accelerometer system consists of three individual single-axis accelerometers fabricated in a single substrate using a common fabrication process. All three devices have 475-/spl mu/m-thick(More)
This paper reports a micromachined Pirani gauge with dual heat sinks that can be integrated with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices inside a vacuum package to monitor long-term pressure changes and stability inside the package. The Pirani gauge utilizes small gaps (<1 /spl mu/m) between its heater and two thermal heat sinks to obtain large(More)
A high-sensitivity, low-noise in-plane (lateral) capacitive silicon microaccelerometer utilizing a combined surface and bulk micromachining technology is reported. The accelerometer utilizes a 0.5-mm-thick, 2.4/spl times/1.0 mm/sup 2/ proof-mass and high aspect-ratio vertical polysilicon sensing electrodes fabricated using a trench refill process. The(More)
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