Junrong Shen

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The continuous requirements of evolving a delivered software system and the rising cost of shutting down a running software system are forcing researchers and practitioners to find ways of updating software as it runs. Dynamic update is a kind of software evolution that updates a running program without interruption. This paper covers the fundamental issues(More)
SUMMARY Many software systems need to provide services continuously and uninterruptedly. Meanwhile, these software systems need to keep evolving continuously to fix bugs, add functions, improve algorithms, adapt to new running environments and platforms, or prevent potential problems. This situation makes online evolution an important issue in the field of(More)
With emerging areas such as Web services, pervasive computing, wireless sensor networks and so on, self-adaptive software is becoming more and more important and topical. As a new emerging discipline, self-adaptive software has strong background in control theory. This work analyses the similarity between software self-adaptation technologies and control(More)
Runtime environment of software are becoming more and more dynamic and open, while pervasive computing and web services further this approach. Software systems are becoming larger, more complex, and difficult for maintenance and evolution. Runtime software architecture (RSA) can help maintainers to understand, control, adapt and evolve the system, while(More)
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