Junrong Liu

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Side-channel attacks are an increasingly important concern for the security of cryptographic embedded devices, such as the SIM cards used in mobile phones. Previous works have exhibited such attacks against implementations of the 2G GSM algorithms (COMP-128, A5). In this paper, we show that they remain an important issue for USIM cards implementing the(More)
SMS4 is the first official released commercial cryptographic algorithm. It provides unified standards for designing and using local area wireless network product. The general DPA attack is not suitable for SMS4 owing to the ample random diffusion of the round output. This article proposed a new power analysis method for SMS4 to reduce the diffusion by(More)
In this paper we discuss correlation power analysis attack against stream cipher MICKEY v2. In such attacks, we use Hamming-Distance model to simulate the power consumption. Hamming-Distance model is a more accurate description to power consumption than other models such as Hamming-Weight, bit model etc. Generally, Hamming-Distance model is used to map the(More)
Side-channel attack (SCA) is a very efficient cryptanalysis technology to attack cryptographic devices. It takes advantage of physical information leakages to recover the cryptographic key. In order to strengthen the power to extract the cryptographic key-relevant information, this article introduces the Support Vector Machine technologies. Taking a(More)
As the first official published commercial block cipher standard of China, SMS4 has been widely used in local area wireless product. Although the algorithm is proved to be secure enough mathematically, when implemented in hardware, it is vulnerable to differential power analysis (DPA), especially using chosen plaintext method. In order to discuss(More)