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We report collective ferromagnetic behavior with high Curie temperatures (T(c)) in Fe dot assemblies supported by the Cu(111) surface. Our ability to tune the average size and spacing of the individual dots allows us to conclude that enhanced magnetic anisotropy cannot account for this high-T(c) ferromagnetic order. Because our Monte Carlo simulations have(More)
Rhynchophylline (Rhy) reduced the spontaneous motor activity and enhanced the sedative and hypnotic effects of sodium pentobarbital in mice. The effects of Rhy on serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) concentrations in rat brain, and the release of 5-HT and DA from the regional brain slices were studied by a fluorescence detector. Rhy increased the 5-HT(More)
We propose that the indirect adatom-adatom interaction mediated by the conduction electrons of a metallic surface is responsible for the sqrt[3]xsqrt[3]<==>3x3 structural phase transitions observed in Sn/Ge (111) and Pb/Ge (111). When the indirect interaction overwhelms the local stress field imposed by the substrate registry, the system suffers a phonon(More)
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