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Liouville's theorem on the conservation of phase-space volume is violated by Berry phase in the semiclassical dynamics of Bloch electrons. This leads to a modification of the phase-space density of states, whose significance is discussed in a number of examples: field modification of the Fermi-sea volume, connection to the anomalous Hall effect, and a(More)
A two-dimensional honeycomb lattice harbours a pair of inequivalent valleys in the k-space electronic structure, in the vicinities of the vertices of a hexagonal Brillouin zone, K(±). It is particularly appealing to exploit this emergent degree of freedom of charge carriers, in what is termed 'valleytronics'. The physics of valleys mimics that of spin, and(More)
Discovery of Weyl semimetals has revived interest in Weyl fermions which has not been observed in high energy experiments. It now becomes possible to study, in solids, their exotic properties. Extensive photoemission spectroscopy and electrical resistivity experiments have been carried out. However, many other properties remain unexplored. Here we show the(More)
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