Junqin Huang

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Agarwood is the fragrant resin-infused wood derived from the wounded trees of Aquilaria species. It is a valuable non-timber forest product used in fragrances and as medicine. Reforestation for Aquilaria trees in combination with artificial agarwood-inducing methods serves as a way to supply agarwood and conserve of wild Aquilaria stock. However, the(More)
The paper deals with the performance of genetic algorithm according to the analysis of control parameters, the evolution between different sub-populations, the interaction on best individual and, the expansion on the search interval, are analyzed, and an adaptive genetic algorithm is presented, which is multi-population parallel evolutionary and variable(More)
Aiming at the characteristics of the road video traffic flow, mainly study the light change on the impact of the moving vehicle recognition system, and analysis the changes of the spatial information, which raised a moving object extraction algorithm based on background adaptive updating. The algorithm model fully considered the graded influence which(More)
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