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The isoquinoline plant alkaloid berberine has anti-tumor effects on a variety of carcinoma cells, mainly through inhibition of cell proliferation, apoptosis induction and cell cycle arrest. However, the mechanisms underlying its role in tumor progression are unknown. In the present study, we investigated the molecular mechanisms involved in(More)
We propose a randomized first order optimization algorithm Gradient Projection Iterative Sketch (GPIS) and an accelerated variant for efficiently solving large scale constrained Least Squares (LS). We provide the first theoretical convergence analysis for both algorithms. An efficient implementation using a tailored linesearch scheme is also proposed. We(More)
Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) has been extensively applied in the solution-phase synthesis of many types of colloidal nanoparticles. However, the uses of CTAB were mainly considered as template or capping agents to form controllable shape and protect the product from agglomeration. Here it was discovered that CATB could serve as a very mild(More)
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