Junping Zhan

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Similar symptoms of the different types of arthritis have continued to confound the clinical diagnosis and represent a clinical dilemma making treatment choices with a more personalized or generalized approach. Here we report a mass spectrometry-based metabolic phenotyping study to identify the global metabolic defects associated with arthritis as well as(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Chinese herbal medicines (HMs) is one of the great herbal systems of the world, which play an important role in current health care system in many countries. In the view of tradition Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, Yin-yang and five-elements theory is the central theory, which is used to explain how the world and body work.(More)
Through several thousands years of clinical research and theoretical thoughts, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has accumulated rich experiences on cirrhosis. However, the usage of Chinese herbal medicines in formulae are flexible in TCM clinical practice according to pattern differentiation. So, it is important to get the composition rules of Chinese(More)
Single Chinese herbal medicine is the basic element in traditional Chinese medicine's clinical treatment against disease. Then, it is an interesting and meaningful task to acquire knowledge of a single Chinese herbal medicine within the framework of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In this paper, based on the knowledge of TCM, we explored the association(More)
REGULAR PAPERS Palmprint Recognition Using 2D-FLDA From a Single Image Per Person Jinyu Guo, Haibin Chen, and Yuan Li Bisimulation-based Consistency Checking on Syndrome Feng-Shi-Re-Bi in Rheumatoid Arthritis Guang Zheng, Kai Cui, Junping Zhan, Zekun Ning, Miao Jiang, Cheng Lu, and Aiping Lu Comparative Analysis of Software Network and CK Metrics:(More)
Bupleuri Radix, a famous Chinese herbal medicine called Chai-Hu, has been widely used to treat depression like syndromes over a long history. Although associated clinical evidences has been accumulated and studied, its molecule level therapeutic mechanism is still obscure which blocks the understanding and new drug discovery against major depression. In(More)