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Steroid receptor co-activator-3 (SRC-3/AIB1) is an oncogene that is amplified and overexpressed in many human cancers. However, the molecular mechanisms that regulate 'activated SRC-3 oncoprotein' turnover during tumorigenesis remain to be elucidated. Here, we report that speckle-type POZ protein (SPOP), a cullin 3 (CUL3)-based ubiquitin ligase, is(More)
The DNA damage response (DDR) helps to maintain genome integrity, suppress tumorigenesis and mediate the radiotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic effects on cancer. Here we report that p57Kip2, a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor implicated in the development of tumor-prone Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, is an effector molecule of the DNA-damage response.(More)
Development of rational vectors for efficient drug and gene delivery is crucial for cancer treatment. In this study, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-binding peptide amphiphile (PA) were used as the primary bilayer skeleton material to construct ultra-stable self-assembling peptide nanovesicle (SPV). The resulted EGFR-targeted SPV (ESPV) could(More)
Androgen receptor (AR) activity is associated with cancer development and progression. In hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), AR contributes to HCC incidence, but the role of AR in HCC cell migration and invasion remains largely unknown. In this study, we found that AR was expressed at high levels in a subgroup of HCC cell lines with high metastatic potential.(More)
The DNA damage response helps to maintain genome integrity, suppress tumorigenesis, and mediate the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Our previous studies have shown that Smad1 is upregulated and activated by Atm in DNA damage response, which can further bind to p53 and promote p53 stabilization. Here we report another aspect of the interplay(More)
Drug combinations have been widely used in cancer treatment. However, it remains a formidable challenge to deliver three or more therapeutic agents in one nanoparticle with a precise and tunable molar ratio because of differences in pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of various anticancer drugs. Herein, we reported a facile approach to construct ternary(More)
In this study, an ion-activated ketotifen ophthalmic delivery system was developed by using a natural polysaccharide, deacetylase gellan gum. Its rheological characteristics, stability, in vitro gelation, release in vitro, and pharmacodynamic activity in vivo were investigated. The formulation had an optimum viscosity that will allow easy drop as a liquid,(More)
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) treatment with BCR-ABL inhibitors is often hampered by development of drug resistance. In a screen for novel chemotherapeutic drug candidates with genotoxic activity, we identified a bisindolylmaleimide derivative, IX, as a small molecule compound with therapeutic potential against CML including drug-resistant CML. We show(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a new method for observing renal allografts microcirculation and microstructure with acoustic densitometry (integrated backscatter, contrast, second harmonics). METHODS 27 patients with renal allografts were investigated by Doppler, IBS, contrast and second harmonics. Renal allografts failed age in 5 patients 20-61 years.(More)