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Increasing concerns about global environmental issues have led to the urgent development of green transportation. The enthusiasm of governments should encourage the prosperity of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles (PHEVs/EVs) industry in the near future. PHEVs/EVs are not only an alternative to gasoline but are also burgeoning units for(More)
A new reliability assessment method for distribution system with distributed generations (DGs) is proposed in this paper, aiming to quantitatively analyze the undesired impact caused by passive islanding detection failure. Firstly, the paper analyzes the impacts of DG interconnection on auto-reclosing operation and system reliability due to failure of(More)
For guidance on citations see FAQs. c [not recorded] Version: [not recorded] Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page. Abstract We present CORDER (COmmunity(More)
The coming interaction between a growing electrified vehicle fleet and the desired growth in renewable energy provides new insights into the economic dispatch (ED) problem. This paper presents an economic dispatch model that considers electric vehicle charging, battery exchange stations, and wind farms. This ED model is a high-dimensional, non-linear, and(More)
CH3D (Curvilinear Hydrodynamics in 3-Dimensions) is a hydraulic simulation code that has been used to model various coastal and estuarine phenomena. It is a complex , legacy code with more than 18,000 lines. The code is capable of handling highly irregular geometric domains. It has been used by the US Army Corps of Engineers for both purely hydrodynamic(More)
A century ago, J. J. Thomson 1 showed that the scattering of low-intensity light by electrons was a linear process (i.e., the scattered light frequency was identical to that of the incident light) and that light's magnetic field played no role. Today , with the recent invention of ultra-high-peak-power lasers 2 it is now possible to create a sufficient(More)
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