Junpei Urakawa

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This paper proposes a Scalable Internet Bandwidth Reservation Architecture (SIBRA) as a new approach against DDoS attacks, which, until now, continue to be a menace on today’s Internet. SIBRA provides scalable inter-domain resource allocations and botnet-size independence, an important property to realize why previous defense approaches are insufficient.(More)
Drive-by Download Attack (DBD) is one of the major threats on the web infrastructure. DBD attacks are triggered by user access to a malicious website and force users to download malware by exploiting the vulnerabilities of web browsers or plugins. Malicious websites are ephemeral. Therefore, it is necessary to gather fresh information related to malicious(More)
Smartphone users' requirements for data plans from mobile network access services have become individualized. To cope with users' requirements, global mobile network operators have been replacing flat-rate data plans with tiered data plans in the mobile market. In addition, mobile virtual network operators who provide data plans to their own customers at(More)
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