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One of well-known routing protocol for ad-hoc networks is Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP). The performance of ZRP is better than other protocols. However, many useless control packets are used resulting in the increase of network load and decrease of network performance. In this paper, we propose a Selective Border-casting Zone Routing Protocol (SBZRP) to(More)
Multicast service is becoming a key requirement of computer networks supporting multimedia applications. For multimedia applications, the routing algorithms should consider many quality of service (QoS) parameters such as delay, cost and so on to find a new route. However, to find routes with two or more QoS parameters is a NP-hard problem. Therefore, many(More)
In mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), the nodes intercommunicate through single-hop and multi-hop paths in a peer-to-peer fashion. Intermediate nodes between two pairs of communication nodes act as routers. Thus the nodes operate both as hosts and routers. The nodes are mobile, so the topology of the network may change rapidly and unexpectedly. One of(More)
In recent years, because of the birthrate declining and the elderly people’s population growing, the lack of doctors and the increase of the medical cost is becoming a big problem. One of solution for this problem is to prevent the humans from diseases in order to reduce the medical cost (e.g. by using the hospital as few times as possible). In this(More)
In autonomous distributed robot systems, many robots cooperate together to carry out many difficult tasks that single robot can not realize. But, in order to cooperate together the robots should communicate with each other. Therefore, the communication among robots is very important problem to be solved. In this paper, we propose an adaptive(More)