Juno Chang

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This paper proposes the integrated design of an event stream service system architecture (ESSSA) which can be used as a gateway to capture and process enormous amounts of event streams continuously generated by radio frequency identification (RFID) or variable sensors over ubiquitous sensor network (USN) installed in a wide variety of locations, transfer(More)
This paper describes the prototype of the Massive Events Streams Service Architecture (MESSA), which is used as a framework of various RFID-enabled application systems. The MESSA captures events from a number of RFID readers, refines the events, processes the continuous queries, and delivers the event query results to the applications systems. In addition,(More)
With the rapid growth of network-enabled environment, the range of intelligent application services is widely expanding with continuous attempts to fully utilize highly accurate personal or environmental information. In parallel, a variety of professional knowledge data have been built up and provided to the public in the form of semantically linked(More)
This paper describes how Korean Government has designed and driven the innovation of undergraduate curriculums to meet increasing industrial demand for quality IT experts in the computer-software field. The computer-software field has been categorized into five specialized areas, tracks. The embedded system software area is one among them. Educational(More)
This research first focused on processing enormous number of sensor events from a variety of city-wide sensor networks. As a solution, the well-known big data handling scheme, Hadoop cluster framework, drew, unquestionably, our attention. The acquired sensor events are to be used to immediately detect a certain abnormal situation within the framework.(More)
Multithreaded architectures taking a hybrid approach of von Neumann computers and dataaow computers are recently in active research. Multithreaded architectures can improve the performance by the locality exploitation within thread and asynchronous parallel execution among threads. However, it has been overlooked how to exploit eeectively the locality of(More)
The main objective of this paper is to provide people who use smart-phones with a convenient way of getting useful information by making their smartphones communicate with the XCREAM (XLogic Collaborative RFID/USN-Enabled Adaptive Middleware). We have developed the XCREAM, which is a smart mediator between many types of sensor devices and applications. It(More)