Junn-Yen Hu

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The micro-mobility issue has been discussed in host mobility in the past decade while the network mobility has become increasingly popular recently. Hence we believe that developing a micro-mobility scheme for mobile network is important and a micro-mobility scheme called Micro-NEMO is proposed in this work. The Micro-NEMO can provide local movement within(More)
Due to the vehicle’s movement and inherent characteristics of wireless channel, how to discover and retrieve the required contents has become a challenging issue in a hybrid network including vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) and the Internet. In this paper, we propose a social cluster-based P2P framework that estimates similarity and connection condition(More)
In this paper, we investigate the characteristics of IEEE 802.16 and conclude that it is better to equip BS and SS with Layer 3 functionality such that an 802.16 network acts as the backbone network of different subnets to enhance 802.16-based network deployment. Moreover, in order to support mobility in an 802.16 network environment, a novel concept called(More)
The original routing scheme in Cellular IP (CIP) requires all data packets regardless of their destinations to be routed to the gateway first before being routed to the destination, which is inefficient for internal traffic within the same network and also results in higher traffic load in nearby links of the gateway. In this paper, an enhanced routing(More)
Multigrid methods use a combination of numerical procedures. Typical components include one or more iterative procedures (e.g., Gau -Seidel relaxation), residual computation, projection, and interpolation. Standard implementations combine the components using a structured programming methodology where each component is programmed separately and called by a(More)
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